Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene


Lviv Zelena Str. 12
ph +38(032)2601200, fax +38(032)2601169


Head of the department

Borys P. Kuzminov, Dr.Sc., Professor

Activities of the department

The Institute handles the mission of overseeing country’s epidemic safety on request of Ministry of Health. Activity of the Institute in conformity of the Regulations is aimed to implement the fundamental, applied and short-term scientific research work in following areas:
- Study and Scientific substantiation for modern issues of epidemiological, microbiological, immunological and clinical problems of human infectious diseases with viral, rickettsial and bacterial aetiology.
- Monitoring of natural and anthropogenic ecosystems for the timely detection of epizootic, epidemic changes; deteriorate of epidemiological situation.
- Development of new and improvement existing methods of diagnostics and prevention, especially dangerous and vaccine-preventable diseases.
- Study of microbiological characteristic of human's microbiome under the effect of different environmental factors.
- Study of epidemiological, clinical, immunological, biochemical features of tuberculosis and non-specific lungs-diseases. Development of new and improvement existing prevention methods, diagnostics and treatment.
- Sanitary and epidemiological examination of chemical materials and products.
- Scientific substantiation and improvement of alternative toxicological methods.

As of today, Institute is carrying out 6 research projects financed by the Ministry of Health:
- «Natural-focal zoonoses differential diagnosis strategy and their emergency non-specific prophylaxis creation», state registering № 0118U004000, start and accomplishment data 2018-2020.
- «The study of indicators for predicting of the trends in the diphtheria and tetanus epidemic processes in Ukraine an the background of a herd immunity decreazing», state registering № 0118U004001, start and accomplishment data 2018-2020.
- «Develop accelerated methods for assessing the risk of chemical agents in the synthetic detergents and household chemical goods on human health», state registering № 0118U004002, start and accomplishment data 2018-2020.
«Develop a modern algorithm of monitoring the epidemic situation in Ukraine rickettsial infections and anti-epidemic measures aimed on the biological safety of the population», state registering № 0117U001019, start and accomplishment data 2017-2019.
- «The study the epidemiological, microbiological and hygienic aspects of distribution neuroinfections of bacterial etiology and develop preventive measures», state registering № 0117U001020, start and accomplishment data 2017-2019.
- «Develop measures for the prophylaxys of relapse of MDR TB», state registering № 0117U001018, start and accomplishment data 2017-2019.

The institute's Specialists of provide paid services for the detection of bacterial pathogens in the human body and their antibiotic susceptibility testing

Staff of the department

Deputy director Igor Genyk, Ph.D., M.D.

- LABORATORY OF NATURAL-FOCAL TRANSMISSIBLE INFECTIONS - head of laboratory Igor Lozynsky, Ph.D., M.D., Senior Research Scientist.
Laboratory staff: M. Kozlovsky, Ph.D., M.D., Senior Research Scientist; O. Zarichna, Ph.D., D.Biol.; I. Genyk, Ph.D., M.D.; N. Chipak, N. Bek, N. Senyuk, O. Toporovych.
- LABORATORY FOR MOLECULAR-GENETIC METHODS OF RESEARCHES - head of laboratory Iryna Platonova, Ph.D., D.Biol.
Laboratory staff: A. Shulgan.
Laboratory staff: R. Pavliy, Ph.D., M.D.; O. Slesarchuk; O. Malova.
- LABORATORY OF SANITARY TOXICOLOGY - head of laboratory Vera Turkina, Ph.D., D.Biol.
Laboratory staff: N. Lukasevych, L. Mysak, I. Perejma.
- DEPARTMENT OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND CLINIC TUBERCULOSIS - head Olena Tkach, Ph.D., M.D., Senior Research Scientist.
Department staff: K. Mazak, Ph.D., D.Biol., Senior Research Scientist; N. Lapovets, Ph.D., M.D., Senior Research Scientist; Ye. Pysarenko, G. Shchurko.
- Scientific Library - V. Smol'nytska, bibliographer.

Department provides high-specialized ambulatory care to patients with tuberculosis and non-specific lungs diseases.
Head - Iryna Vivchar, Ph.D., M.D., ph. +38(032) 2368979; +38(032) 2368981.
The staff are 28 employees at present.
The clinic is located on the "Lviv Center of Pulmonary Health" basis, 79066 Lviv, Zelena str. 477.