Department of Epidemiology


79005, Lviv, Zelena Str., 12
tel. +38 (032) 276 28 35
fax +38 (032) 276 28 35


Head of the department

Vynograd Natalia Oleksiivna - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor; WHO Expert on Biological Response, Dean of the Eastern Europe Division of the WHO Supercurrent, Adviser to the Minister for Biosafety of the Ministry for Emergencies, member of the Central Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, member of the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Member of two specialized councils for the defense of dissertations for Doctor degree D 26.003.01 and D 26.614-2, Member of the Regional Attestation Commission, Member of the editorial boards of 5 scientific journals.

Activities of the department

At the Department of Epidemiology students study the disciplines: "Epidemiology and Biosafety, including military epidemiology", "Epidemiology and Biosafety" and a course on the choice "Medical aspects of Bioethics and Biosecurity".
The educational discipline "Epidemiology and Biosafety" is studied by:
• ukrainian students of the 4th year of the Dentistry Faculty (specialty "Dentistry" – 7.12010005);
• foreign students of the 4th course of the Dentistry Faculty (Ukrainian and English, specialty "Dentistry" – 7.12010005);
Educational discipline "Epidemiology and biosecurity, including military epidemiology" study:
• ukrainian students of the 5th year of the Medical Faculty (specialties "Medicine" – 7.12010001; "Pediatrics" – 7.12010002; "Medical-prophylactics" – 7.12010003);
• foreign students of the 5th year of the Medical Faculty (Ukrainian and English) – specialty "Medicine" – 7.12010001.
The course on choice "Medical aspects of bioethics and biosecurity" is studied by the ukrainian students of the 6th year of the Medical Faculty of all specialties.

The department of epidemiology conducts training of doctors-listeners of cycles of FPGE:
• PAC "Epidemiology",
• PAC "Parasitology"
• PAC "Disinfection",
• Specialization "Epidemiology",
• Specialization "Parasitology"
• Specialization "Disinfection",
• Internship "Epidemiology",
• Internship "General Practice – Family Medicine" – related discipline "Epidemiology",
• Internship "Laboratory diagnostics" – related discipline "Epidemiology",
• Internship "Infectious Diseases" – related discipline "Epidemiology",
• Internship "General Hygiene" – related discipline "Epidemiology",
• TU "Blood infections",
• TU "Actual problems of border epidemiology and parasitology",
• TU "Fundamentals of voluntary counseling and testing for HIV infection".
• TU "Helth-care Assosiated Infections. Infection control system".

Staff of the department

Vasylyshyn Zoriana – PhD, Associate Professor, responsible for teaching and methodical work with doctors-listeners of cycles of FPGE and interns, for the scientific work of the department.
Kozak Lyudmyla – PhD, Associate Professor, responsible for teaching and methodical work with students.
Bajdalka Iryna – PhD, Associate Professor of the department is responsible for the work of the student scientific circle.
Shul Uliana – PhD, Assistant of the department, responsible for humanitarian education of students, for work on civil protection of the population.
Lutsyk Tetyana – older laboratory assistant of the department.
Yusiuk Lubov – laboratory assistant of the department.
Komar Euhenia – technical worker.