Department of Pharmacology


79010, Lviv, vul. Pekarskaya, 52

Tel. +380 (32) 276-78-21


Head of the department

Pinyazhko Oleg Romanovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Regional Department of the State Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Lviv Oblast).

Activities of the department

Educational work

At the Department of Pharmacology lectures are given and practical classes on discipline for the students of the III course of medical, II and III courses of the dental and III courses of the pharmaceutical faculties (full-time and part-time forms of training, clinical pharmacists) are conducted.
Foreign students are given lectures and practical classes in Ukrainian and English. An elective course "Side Effects of Drugs" is being held.
For doctors-interns of all specialties the course "Medical Formulation and Pharmacovigilance" is read.
For the organization of classroom and non-auditing work students use Pharmacology Practicum to study the course of Pharmacology - authors Gavrilyuk I.M., Chikailo I.P., Pinyazhko O.R.
This workshop is designed for students of the III-th year of the medical faculty of the specialty "medical business", "pediatrics" and "medical-prophylactic business" of the higher medical educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels.
Students get acquanted with a specific algorithm for mastering the main provisions of the topic and contributes to the effective organization of the student's work in the study of pharmacology.
This workshop is located in the library of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky.

Scientific direction of the Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacological screening of newly synthesized molecules of potentially biologically active substances from a number of thiazolidines
Study of immunomodulatory properties of thiazolidines
Study of anabolic properties of thiazolidines
Study of antispasmodic properties of thiazolidines
Study of hepatoprotective and antifibrotic properties of thiazolidines
Study of antihypoxic properties of thiazolidines and amaranth oil.
Post-registration monitoring of manifestations of side effects of drugs registered in Ukraine on the territory of the Lviv region.
The Regional Department of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Lviv Oblast) operates on the basis of the Department.

Staff of the department

1. Gavrilyuk I.M. - Associate Professor, Candidate of medical sciences, Secretary of the Commission on Bioethics, Secretary of the Academic Council of the Medical Faculty №2.
2. Ivankiv O. L. - associate professor, candidate of medical science, is responsible for the educational work of the department.
3. Poshivak O. B. - Senior Lecturer of the Department, Ph.D., responsible for the scientific work of the department.
4. Koropetska N.U. - assistant of the department, Ph.D.
5. Antoniv O.I. - assistant of the department,candidate of biological sciences,proforg.
6. Dyachok I.L. - assistant of the department.
7. Semion-Lucyshyn O.V. - assistant of the department.
8. Izotova-Kokot A.V. - assistant of the department.
9. Sverdan O.P. - assistant of the department.
10. Nectegaev I.O- senior laboratory assistant of the department.
11. Goysak N.R. - senior laboratory assistant of the department, financially responsible and responsible for the web-site of the department.
12. Pankiv G.R.- senior laboratory assistant of the department