Department of Pharmaceutical, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry


79010, Lviv, Pekarska str., 69, tel. +38 (0322) 75-59-66, 75-59-77, 786-434


Head of the department

Lesyk Roman, PhD, DSc, Professor, Doctor Honoris Causa of Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland)

Activities of the department

Bioorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Standardization of Drugs
Innovations and Intellectual Property Protection
Computer Technologies in Pharmacy
Drugs Development
Standardization of pharmaceutical production
Elective courses:
Theoretical basis of synthesis and “structure-activity” relationships of drugs
Spectral investigations of drugs and physiologically active substances

Staff of the department

Prof. Zimenkovsky Borys DSc, PhD;
prof. Muzychenko Volodymyr DSc, PhD;
prof. Antonyuk Volodymyr DSc, PhD;  
associate prof. Horishny Volodymyr PhD; 
associate prof. Kaminskyy Danylo PhD;
associate prof. Kovalenko Maria PhD;
associate prof. Mykhalyk Olyana PhD; 
associate prof. Semenciv Hryhory PhD; 
associate prof. Shtojko Natalya PhD; 
associate prof. Demchuk Inna, PhD; 
associate prof. Lozynskyi Andrii PhD;
associate prof. Holota Serhii PhD;
associate prof. Zelisko Natalya PhD; 
associate prof. Subtel'na Ivanna PhD;
associate prof. Kryshchyshyn Anna PhD;
associate prof. Chaban Ihor PhD;
associate prof. Shelepeten Lesia PhD;
senior lecturer Gavryliuk Olha, PhD; 
senior lecturer Grabovyj Petro, PhD; 
senior lecturer Novikevych Оlha, PhD; 
senior lecturer Lebjak Мyhaylo PhD;
senior lecturer Lelyukh Maryan, PhD; 
assistant prof. Ivanciv Oksana;
assistant prof. Vovchyk Orysja;

PhD students: Yushyn I.
Sydorenko I.