Department of Philosophy and Economics


79010, Lviv, Shymzeriv street, 3а
ph +38 (032) 236-84-38


Head of the department

Derzhko Ihor - PhD in Philosophy Habil, Full Professor

Activities of the department

Compulsory course:

Elective courses:
"Sociology and Medical Sociology"
"Basics of Economic Theories"
"Theory of Knowledge and Pharmacy"
"Logic. Formal Logic"
"Basics of Social Psychology"
“Theory of Knowledge and Medicine”

Staff of the department

Myslovska Iryna - Associate Professor, PhD in Economics, responsible for educational process
Lushch Ulyana - Associate Professor, PhD in Philosophy, responsible for scientific research and web-site
Tereshkevych Halyna - Associate Professor, PhD in State Governance
Moravetskyi Ostap - Assistant Professor
Protsyuk Rostyslav - Assistant Professor, responsible for students' scientific community
Shved O.P. - Assistant Professor
Dmytryshyn Lyudmyla - Senior Technician
Fodor Luiza - Technician