Department of histology, cytology and embryology


52 Pekarska str., Lviv, 79010, Ukraine
Phone 38 (032) 2769373, 2368444


Head of the department

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander Lutsyk

Activities of the department

Department of Histology,Cytology and Embryology the basics of cytology and embryology, general and special histology (microanatomy) of the human body for the students of medical (II-III semesters) and dental (I-II semesters) faculties.
Training of specialists of the second (master's) level of higher education in the knowledge area 22 "Health care" is carried out in specialties 221 "Dentistry" - Faculty of Dentistry, I course; 222 "Medicine" - medical faculty, I and II courses; 228 "Pediatrics" -medical faculty, I and II year.

Staff of the department

Yashchenko A.M. DSci, Professor
Bilyi R.O. DSci, Professor
Yelisyeyeva O.P. DSci, Professor
Nakonechna O.V. PhD, Associate Professor
Dudok V.V. MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Smolkova O.V. MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Dzhura O.R. PhD, Associate Professor
Chelpanova I.V. MD, PhD Associate Professor
Kovalyshyn V.I. PhD, Senior Researcher
Pankevych L.V. MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Lutsyk M.M. PhD, Assistant Professor
Ambarova N.O. MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sogomonyan E.A. MD,PhD, Assistant Professor
Strus Kh.I. PhD, Assistant Professor
Dudok O.V. MD,PhD, Assistant Professor
Dumych T.I. PhD, Assistant Professor
Shehedin A.Yu. Assistant Professor