Department of clinical immunology and allergology


Lviv Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center, 79010, Lviv, 69 b Pekarska st., ph. +380322756142, fax. +380322767603
Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital (Rheumatology Department), Lviv, 7 Chernihivska st., ph. +380322757392.
Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Centre (Paediatric Department), Lviv, 27 Dnisterska st., ph. +380322708594, ph. +380322702191.
Lviv Regional Phthisiopulmonological Clinical Treatment and Diagnostic Center (Diagnostic Pulmonary Department), Lviv, 477 Zelena st., ph. +380322368931.
KO LOR LODKL "OKHMATDIT" (Pulmonary and Allergic Department), Lviv, st. Lysenko, 31, ph. +380322767815.
Lviv Clinical Hospital on Railway Transport (Therapeutic Department No. 1), Lviv, 5 Ogienka st., ph. +380322264383.


Head of the department

Valentyna Volodymyrivna Chopyak - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Honored Professor of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Activities of the department

Subject "Clinical immunology and allergology" is studied by the 5th year Ukrainian and foreign students of medical faculty and faculty of dentistry.
The department also provides pre-attestation educational courses on specialites:
Clinical Immunology,
Children Immunology,
Children Allergology.
Cycles of Thematic Improvement:
"Clinical immunology and allergology" (for physicians, pediatrics, surgerists, dentists, laboratory technicians);
"Modern issues of vaccination" (for family doctors/ physicians, pediatrics, surgerists, obstetrician-gynecologists, dentists);
"Management to the treatment of patients with immunopathology: protocol approach"(for clinical immunologists);
"Immunodiagnostic and immunotherapy in rheumatology" (for physicians, clinical immunologists, rheumatologists);
"Immunodiagnostic and immunotherapy in oncology" (for oncologists, family physicians, clinical immunologists);
"Drug allergy" (for physicians);
"Approach to the diagnostic and treatment of HIV and TORCH-infections" (for physicians);
"Early Criteria of Immunopathology and management to the treatment" (for physicians);
"Immunology of reproduction and infertility" (for obstetrician-gynecologists, urologists, sexopathologists);
"Molecular Immunology and Allergology" (for allergists and family physicians);
"Immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy in transplantology" (for physicians, family physicians, transplantologists).
Additional courses of the department:
"Clinical immunology" - for interns and doctors of different specialties;
"Epidemiology, Clinic, Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV / AIDS" - for doctors of different specialties as pre-attestation education.

Staff of the department

Halyna Oleksandrivna Potiomkina - PhD, associate professor responsible for the scientific work at the department
Anna Myroslavivna Havrylyuk - doctor of biological sciences, associate professor, deputy head, responsible for the teaching and methodical work at the department
Khrystyna Oleksandrivna Lishchuk-Yakymovych - PhD, associate professor, responsible for the medical work at the department
Svitlana Oleksandrivna Zubchenko - PhD, assistant, responsible for the web-site of the department
Hayevska Vira Yurivna - PhD, associate professor
Lomikovska Marta Pavlivna - MD, assistant
Boyko Yaryna Evgenivna - Doctor of Medicine, Professor
Kostyuchenko Larysa Vasylivna - Doctor of Medicine, Professor
Synenkyy Omelyan Volodymyrovych - PhD, assistant
Pukalyak Roman Mykhailovych - PhD, assistant
Lychkovska Nataliya Eduardivna - PhD, assistant
Tolstyak Yaroslav Fedorovych - PhD, assistant
Holovyn Roksolyana Romanivna - MD, assistant
Tolokh Olha Stepanivna - MD, assistant
Kril Iryna Yosypivna - PhD, senior researcher of the immunological scientific laboratory of the department
Horbal Natalya Myronivna - Researcher of the Immunological Scientific Laboratory of the department