Department of medicine of emergency states


79010, Lviv, Mechnikov street, 8A; hostel №7
tel. (032) 260-08-28

79010, Lviv, Pekarska Street, 52; cellar of the chemical and pharmaceutical building,
tel. (032) 275-77-13


Head of the department

Head of the Department
PhD in Medicine, Associated Professor, Viktor Chaplyk

Activities of the department

Premedical help in extreme situations - for students of the 2nd year of medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties

Fundamentals of organization of medical providing of population and troops - for students of the 2nd year of medical, dental and 3rd year of pharmaceutical faculties

Safety of Life activity. Labor protection in the branch - for students of the 2nd year of medical (including foreign students) and 1 course of dental faculties.

Extreme medicine and civil defense - for students of the 3rd year of the pharmaceutical faculty

Safety of Life activity and biosafety - for students of the 2nd year of the pharmaceutical faculty

Medicine of catastrophes - for postgraduates students and practical doctors

Staff of the department

• Prof. Oliynyk P.V., Yevstratiev Ye.Ye. - Responsible for scientific work
• assist. prof. Lytvynchuk V.H. - Responsible for medical work, for civil defense
• assoc. prof. Humeniuk V.V. - Responsible for the educational process, for distant learning and the site page of the department, property responsible

Scientific and pedagogical workers:
1. Chaplyk V.V., Ph.D. Medical Sciences, associate professor;
2. Oliynyk P.V., Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of the department;
3. Petruk S.O., Ph.D. Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine;
4. Yevstratiev Ye.Ye., Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor;
5. Kozopas V.S., Ph.D. Medical Sciences, associate professor;
6. Lytvynchuk V.H., Ph.D. Medical Sciences, assistant professor;
7. Humeniuk V.V., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor;
8. Varava P.O., lecturer;
9. Kryzhanivsky V.M., lecturer; retired colonel
10. Chorniak N.I., assistant professor;
11. Timchenko Ye.Ye., assistant professor.
12. Vysokinsky I.I., lecturer, retired colonel
13. Bilobryvka T.R., lecturer