Departament of neurology


79010, Lviv, LRCH, Nekrasova str., 6
tel. +38 (032)2769325, 2368297, 2368397, 2368261, 2368326


Head of the department

Nehrych Tetyana, MD, PhD, Dr. Med. Sci.

Activities of the department

Therapeutic and advisory work
Teaching students on the subject "Neurology"

Staff of the department

Maryenko Lidiya – MD, PhD, Dr. Med. Sci.
Shevaha Volodymyr - MD, PhD, Dr. Med. Sci.
Korol Ganna - Ass. Prof., Educational coordinator
Bozhenko Natalya – Ass. Prof., MD, PhD
Malarska Natalya - Ass. Prof., MD, PhD
Matvienko Yuriy – Ass. Prof., MD, PhD
Shorobura Maria – Ass. Prof. (provisional), MD, PhD
Maryenko Kateryna - Ass. Prof. (provisional), MD, PhD
Pshyk Roman – к.м.н., Lecture Assistant, MD, PhD
Kyryluk Sofia – Lecture Assistant, MD, PhD
Vivchar Roman - Lecture Assistant, MD
Ivasyuk-Krysa Halyna – Senior laboratory worker, MD
Tkachuk Lubov - Senior laboratory worker, MD
Samoluk Vyacheslav – Senior laboratory worker, MD
Krysa Volodymyr – Senior laboratory worker, MD