Department of Orthodontics


79010, Lviv, Pekarska str. 69 v
Tel. +38 (032) 275-59-87


Head of the department

Chukhray N.L. Doctor of medical science Prof.

Activities of the department

Subject "Orthodontics" and "Prevention of dental anomalies and deformities"
Postgraduate education:
Specialization "Orthodontics", "Pediatric Dentistry"
Pre-certification course "Orthodontics", "Pediatric Dentistry"
Thematic improvement courses: "Actual questions in orthodontics", "Prevention of dental diseases in children"

Diagnostic research methods at the department:

- analysis of telerentgenograms using the computer program Audaxceph (used in scientific, educational and medical processes);
- myography of masticatory and facial muscles;
- determination of EFAKBE (electrophoretic activity of buccal epithelial cells).

Diagnostic methods of examination:

Sorry. We are working to update the information. Soon be available.

Staff of the department

Smolyar N.I., MD, prof.
Bezvushko E.V., MD, prof.
Mirchuk B.M., MD, prof.
Dubetska-Hrabous I.S., assoc. prof.
Hordon-Zhura H.S., assoc. prof.
Lysak T.Y., assoc. prof.
Musij-Sementsiv K.H., assoc. prof.
Pylypiv N.V., assoc. prof.
Miskiv A.L., assoc. prof.
Mashkarynets O.O., PhD, assist.
Shylo M.M., PhD, assist.
Zubachyk O.V., PhD, assist.
Bodnaruk N.I.,PhD, assist.
Danylyuk D.V., assist.
Shpotyuk O.O.,PhD, assist.
Sloboda M.T.,PhD, assist.
Hodovanyi O. V., assist.
Savchyn S.V., assist.
Kharchenko A.V., assist.
Kostura V. L.,PhD, assist.
Morozova N.P., assist.
Narepekha O.T., assist.

Sydir V.I., senior laboratory assistant

Vice-head of department, administrator of educational work: Musij- Sementsiv K.H., PhD, assoc. prof.
Administrator of scientific work: Dubetska-Hrabous I.S., PhD, assoc. prof.
Administrator of students’ scientific group: Hordon- Zhura H. S., PhD, assoc. prof.
Administrator of medical work: Bodnaruk N. I. PhD, assist.
Administrator of educational activities: Miskiv A.L. assist.