Department of Psychiatry, Psychology and Sexology


Kulparkivska str. 95, Lviv, 79021
ph +380322954964


Head of the department

Bilobryvka Rostyslav Ivanovych - Prof., Doctor of Medical Science, MD

Activities of the department

Educational work
Medical psychology - for medical and stomatology faculty students
Psychiatry and Narcology - for medical and stomatology faculty students
Elective courses – psychology of communication, narcomania and alcoholism prophylaxis, basics of psychoanalysis, basics of sexology

Staff of the department

Assoc. Prof. Rakhman L.V. PhD, MD – liable for medical care work
Assoc. Prof. Kulyk B.V. PhD, MD
Assoc. Prof. Panas A.R. PhD, MD – liable for educational and methodical work
Assoc. Prof. Karpinska R.I. PhD, MD – liable for scientific work
Assoc. Prof. Plevachuk O.Y. PhD, MD
Assis. Tsona A.R. PhD., MD
Assis. Shpylovyi Y.V. PhD., MD
Assis. Vlokh S.R., MD
Assis. Belak V., MD