Department of therapeutic dentistry


69b, Pekarska Str., Lviv ,79010, Ukraine
phone: +38(032)2769372, 2754977
fax: +38(032)2769372


Head of the department

Volodymyr M. Zubachyk
Doctor of Medical Science. Professor. Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Activities of the department

The "Therapeutic dentistry" training is conducted in Ukrainian and English.
I year - Ergonomics in Dentistry;
II year - Introduction to Therapeutic Dentistry;
III year - Diseases of Hard Tissues, Pulp and Periodontium;
IV year - Periodontics;
V year - Pathology of Oral Mucosa, Pre-graduate Internship.

Staff of the department

Pasko O.O. - assoc. prof., PhD, responsible for the academic work of the department
Dovhanyk V.V. - assoc. prof., PhD, responsible for the scientific research of the department
Synytsya V.V. - assoc. prof., PhD, responsible for the treatment organization of the department
Demchyna H.R. - assistant, PhD, responsible for the educational and social work
Fedun I.R. - assistant, responsible for the student scientific work
Lychkovska O.L. - assistant, PhD, responsible for the web page
Hrynovets V.S. - assoc. prof., PhD
Dvulit I.P. - assoc. prof., PhD
Petryshyn O.A. - assoc. prof., PhD
Ripetska O.R. - assoc. prof., PhD
Sulym Yu.V. - assoc. prof., PhD
Khoroz L.M. - assoc. prof., PhD
Barylyak A.Y. - assoc. prof., PhD
Buchkovska A.Yu. - assoc. prof., PhD
Pasichnyk M.A. - assistant, PhD
Riznyk Yu.B. - assistant, PhD
Furdychko A.I. - assistant, DMD, PhD
Han I.V. - assistant, PhD
Holeyko M.V. - assistant, PhD
Ilchyshyn M.P. - assistant, PhD
Iskiv M.O. - assistant, PhD
Bezhuk Yu.A. - assistant
Borys H.Z. - assistant
Havryshkevych Ya.I. - assistant
Nohachevska I.I. - assistant
Renka M.V. - assistant
Yarychkivska N.V. - assistant
Verbenets Kh.V. - assistant
Yakymovych D.V. - assistant
Lisokon Yu.Yu. - senior laboratorian