Department of toxicological and analytical chemistry


79010, Lviv, Pekarska str. 69
phone: +38 (032) 368437


Head of the department

Halkevych Irine, PhD, Associated professor

Activities of the department

"Analytical chemistry"
"Toxicological chemistry"
"Toxicological chemistry with clinical toxicology"
"Laboratory diagnostics"
"Quality control of food and food additives"
"Factors and mechanisms of pharmacological activity and toxicity changes on pharmacokinetics phases"
"Fundamentals of chemical metrology"
"Pharmaceutical Toxicology"

Staff of the department

Kucher Mykhaylo, PhD, Associated professor;
Bidnychenko Yuriy, PhD, Associated professor;
Kostyshyn Lyubov, PhD, Senior lecturer;
Kramarenko Serhij, PhD, Senior lecturer;
Kubrak Zofia, PhD, Assistant professor;
Kalytovska Myroslava, PhD, Assistant professor;
Darmograj Natalia, PhD, Assistant professor;
Davydovych Sofia, PhD, Assistant professor;
Trush Galyna, Postgraduate student;
Osypchuk Lyudmyla, Senior laboratory assistant, Assistant professor;
Semenova Lyudmyla, Senior laboratory assistant;
Kucher Halyna, Senior laboratory assistant;