Department of traumatology and orthopaedics


8 Communal City Clinical Hospital, 79035, street. Navrotsky 23, tel: 0322367429
Communal City Children's Clinical Hospital, 79000, street. P. Orlyk 4, tel: 0322944706


Head of the department

Trutyak Igor Romanovich, MD, professor

Activities of the department

Traumatology-Orthopedics for the 5th year
Traumatology-Orthopedics is a course of choice
Plastic Surgery Course Optional
Internship in the field of traumatology-orthopedics
Specialization in the field of traumatology-orthopedics
PAC and TU for doctors-traumatologists

Staff of the department

Film Y.Ya., professor, MD, Ph.D.
Fil A.Yu., professor, MD, responsible for medical work and CIS departments
Gnateyko N.O., Associate Professor, Candidate of M.N., Head of the Department, Profgun Group and responsible for the educational work of the department
Lomnitsky O.Ya., associate professor, Ph.D., financially responsible, curator of the English-speaking cycle
Serafin Yu.Ya., Associate Professor, Ph.D., Head. course FPDO, responsible for the scientific work of the department
Yatskevich A.Ya., associate professor, Ph.D., responsible for work with interns
Gresko IV, assistant responsible for safety technology
Obaranets O.V., assistant
Kozak LP, senior laboratory assistant