Department of general hygiene with ecology


Zelena str., 12, Lviv, Ukraine, 79010, phone: +38 (032) 276-28-37


Head of the department

Professor Fedorenko Vira Ilarionivna, MD, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Activities of the department

Hygiene and Ecology (medical faculty, 2nd and 3rd years of study; dentistry faculty, 2nd year of study).
Hygiene in Pharmacy and Ecology (pharmaceutical faculty, ІІnd year of full-time and part-time distance study).
Hygiene in Pharmacy (pharmaceutical faculty, ІІnd year of full-time and part-time distance study).
Hygiene in Pharmacy with the Basics of Epidemiology (pharmaceutical faculty, 3rd year of study).
Ecology and Biosafety (pharmaceutical faculty, 2nd year of part-time distance study).

Staff of the department

Kitsula Liubov Mykhaylivna – MD, PhD, associate professor, person in charge of academic work
Kozak Liliya Petrivna – PhD, associate professor, responsible for scientific work and students’ scientific society, secretary of the department
Moskviak Nataliya Volodymyrivna – MD, PhD, associate professor, proforg, responsible for scientific information
Sybirny Andriy Volodymyrovych - PhD, associate professor,  responsible for information technology at the department
Kasian Olga Petrivna - MD, PhD, associate professor
Jurchenko Svitlana Teodorivna - MD, PhD, associate professor
Ryza Liliya Valentynivna – MD, PhD, associate professor 
Yamka Yaroslava Mykhaylivna - assistant, responsible for civil defense, fire safety and accident prevention rules
Zarichna Olga Zinoviivna – PhD, assistant
Rybak Ivanna Stepanivna - assistant
Zelena Marianna Igorivna - MD, PhD, assistant
Kovaliv Marija Omelianivna - MD, PhD, assistant
Matysik Svitlana Igotrivna - assistant
Yatsynyk Iryna Grygorivna – laboratory worker