Students union


Lviv, Mechnikova str., 8


Head of the department

Nalyhach Svitlana - the Head of the Students Union

Activities of the department

The Students Union is an Organization which unites active students, engaged in protection of students' rights and organization of their leisure.
The Head of Students Union represents students initiatives connected with the changes of living and educational conditions to the University administration.

Directions of work:
- Control under provision students rights;
- Cooperation with the University administration for improving the educational process and students living conditions;
- Organization of students leisure;
- Organization of interactive trainings forming of skills of the physicians and self-realization skills;
- Organization of sport events and promoting of healthy lifestyle;
- Cooperation with Students Unions from other Institutions.

Staff of the department

Members of Students Union:

1. Andriy Parfeniuk - Head of the Students Union
2. Svitlana Nalyhach – Vice-head of the Students Union in Executive Issues
3. Dmytro Shulha – Vice-head of the Students Union in Organizational Issues
4. Daryna Semotiuk – Vice-head of the Students Union on Issues of Development
5. Olena Balitska – Secretary of the Students Union
6. Kovalchuk Olena- Head of the Informational Board
7. Yaremko Sofia Stanislava - Head of the Scientific work Board
8. Batsius Bohdan - Head of Life Conditions Board
9. Kachmar Marta - Head of the Educational Work Board
10. Maksymets Daria - Head of the Social Work Board
11. Miroshnuchenko Ivan - Head of the Physical Training and Sport Board
12. Mykhailovska Iryna - Head of the International and Inter-Institutional Relations Board
13. Slotsiak Uliana - Head of an Entertainment Board
14. Oleksiy Lehkoduh - Head of the Students Union Medical Faculty №1
15. Ivan Biletsky - Head of the Students Union Medical Faculty №2
16. Adam Adamenko - Head of the Students Union Dentistry Faculty
17. Kharchuk Sophiia - Head of the Students Union Pharmacy Faculty