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Creative characteristic of Folk ensemble of the dance “ Gorytsvit”

Folk ensemble of the dance “ Gorytsvit” is the laureate of international folk festivals, the award winner of the XII and XIII Universal festivals for youth and students in Moscow and Pheniani, the winner of international dancing contest among 44 countries of the world in Dijon( France), the owner of the reward “ Gold Necklace” and the winner of the reward of audience sympathy( 1991, 1996 Dijon France), the winner of regional and republican presentations of Ukrainian amateur art and performance, the laureate of I and II festivals of folk art. In 2006
ensemble won the 1st prize during the festival of choreographic art honored to the 95 Birth Anniversary of Yaroslav Chuperchuk. “Gorytsvit” is the winner of the II round during Ukrainian festival honored to Pavlo Virskiy in Kiev and got a diploma at the I Ukrainian contest honored to the hero of Ukraine Myroslav Vantukh.
Ensemble of folk dance “ Gorytsvit” was established in 1975 in State medical university of
Lviv. The holder of order for special service of 3rd degree People’s Artist of Ukraine Zenon Kolobych is the founder and chief ballet-master, unfailing leader of ensemble “ Gorytsvit”. Ensemble consists of students of the university, laboratory assistants, doctors, young pupils, who attend schools, colleges in Lviv.
First performances of ensemble attracted a lot of attention of audience. Ensemble had grown up to the high level of mature creative collective thanks to its good organization and hard work of Zenon Kolobych and members of ensemble. The three main features of the ensemble are insistence, discipline and high level of performances. In 1982 ensemble “ Gorytsvit” got the honorable name “ National”.
Ensemble has wide range of different trips around the world:
In 1982 ensemble presents choreographic art of Ukraine in Denmark; in 1983- in Hungary; in 1984-1985- in Poland; in 1986- in Holland; in 1987- in France and Poland; in 1988- in Germany and Poland; 1989- in Germany, France, Switzerland, Korea; in 1990- in Germany, France, USA; 1991- in France, Spain, Belgium and Germany; in 1994- in Belgium, France Switzerland; in 1995- in Germany and France; in 1996- in Belgium, Spain, France; in 1997- in Belgium, Spain; in 1998- in Spain and Portugal; in 1999- in Poland; in 2000- in France, Spain, Belgium; in 2001- in Spain, Germany, Canada, USA; in 2002- in Spain; in 2003- in France; in 2004- in Hungary; in 2006- in Holland, Belgium, Spain, France; in 2008- in Hungary and Czechia; in 2009- in Greece and Bolgaria, Romania, in 2010 to Italy, in 2011 in Bulgaria, 2012- in Italy and in Bulgaria, 2013- Italy, 2014- France, 2015- Italy.

In 2011 ensemble “Gorytsvit” become winner of Ukrainian festival-competition named after Pavlo Virskyj in Kiev, where won first place and become the best dancing group of Ukraine!
Years pass by very fast... Every year ensemble gains more skills and authority.
“ Horytsvit” is often invited to visit different places in Ukraine. The ensemble performed on different stages, high in the mountains, in old castles, on beautiful stages such as palace “Ukraine” in Kiev, Opera-house of Lviv, on the deck of cruiser “ Sahajdachnyj”.
Repertoire of ensemble consists of 30 dances. Usually it is entire choreographic compositions:“ Kozacki igry”, uzockyj “ Vesilnyj”, by the way it was created in the village
Uzok, Zakarpatia, “ Rakhivchanka”, humorous polka “ Muha” and “ Kumonky”. This repertoire is based on the dances from different regions of Ukraine. For exact evidence amateur order
costumes in the regions, where dances were borrowed from.

All dances staged by the leader of ensemble, People’s Artist of Ukraine Zenon Kolobych differ with their masterpiece and high professionalism. By the way, leader of ensemble
conducted seminars recommended by Association of Ukraine in Toronto, Ottawa, Marcel,
Nojshtadt( Germany), school of art in Rijayn.
Right now “ Gorytsvit” consists not only of 80 people of main complement, but also it has 150 children, who attend primary groups. Maria Kolobych and Natalia Ostafiychuk lead this groups and together with Zenon Kolobych do their best to teach young generation of “Gorytsvit”.
From beginning of the 1982 “Gorytsvit” have visited a lot of countries, where it performed for different audience. In 1982 ensemble presented Ukrainian art in Denmark. In 1983 “ Gorytsvit” performed at the festival of youth in Pech( Hungary). In 1984 ensemble performed on the stage of Palace of Congress in Warsaw during celebration days of friendship between young people in Poland.
In 1985 ensemble performed at Universal festival of youth and students in Moscow, where together with famous national ensembles danced on the stages of the State Central Hall of palace of Chajkovskyj, Central State concert Hall of Army; participated in holiday of folklore in Kolomensk.
In 1986 “ Gorytsvit” performed in Amsterdam. In 1987 ensemble performed for audience in France for the first time. “ Gorytsvit” visited Konfolan, Limoj, Nansy, Strasburg, Gviankurt. At the international festival in Konfolan “Horytsvit” was the best dancing group among other groups and was awarded with a medal.
In 1988 “Gorytsvit” went to Nojshtadt( Germany). After performance in this city ensemble as the best dancing group was again invited to come back between 1991 and 1994.
In 1989 and 1990 “ Gorytsvit” went to Berlin, France, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Korea.
During period of its existence ensemble i“Gorytsvit” got a lot of rewards. One of them is “ Gold Necklace”, that was given to ensemble in 1991 at the international festival in Dijon (France). Audience was amazed with the performance of “Gorytsvit”, they yelled: “ Ukraine-
freedom and gold”. Ensemble got a lot of tempestuous applause. This happened on the 2n<^ of September, the time when Ukraine got its independence.
From 1992 to 1998 ensemble “ Gorytsvit” visited a lot of countries in Europe. Ensemble performed not only on the big stages of Brysel, Marsel, Dijon, Olfon, Hamburg, Frajburg, Jeneva, but also at different holidays of towns and villages, concerts in schools and universities, houses for old people and invalids.
In 1999-2001 Zenon Kolobych was main ballet-master and producer of holiday concerts and regional concerts in national palace “ Ukraine”( Kiev).
In 2006 ensemble took part in a concert for delegates of Trade Union of Ukraine in Kiev and won the 1st prize during the festival of choreographic art honored to Yaroslav Chuperchuk in Lviv.
In 2007 “Gorytsvit” was the winner of the II round during Ukrainian festival-competition honored to Pavlo Virskiy in Kiev.
In 2009 ensemble got a diploma at the I Ukrainian festival-competition honored to the hero of Ukraine Myroslav Vantukh.
Except seven festivals that took place in Italy, in 2010 ensemble took part in the events dedicated to the Day of State Flag of Ukraine in Castrovillary under the patronage of the Consulate General of Ukraine.
In 2011 ensemble took part in II Ukrainian festival-competition honored to the hero of Ukraine Myroslav Vantukh and become the winner during Ukrainian festival-competition honored to Pavlo Virskiy in Kiev.
On the 29th of April 2012 “Gorytsvit” took part in the concert devoted to the International Day of Dances in Kiev.
In 2012-2013 ensemble took part in the concerts devoted to the Day of Unity UPR and WUPR.
In 2014 “Gorytsvit” become the winner of the III round during Ukrainian festival-competition honored to Pavlo Virskiy in Kiev.
On the 25th of May 2015 ensemble “Gorytsvit” organized the charity concert “Together to the Victory” to help ukrainian coldiers in Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre in Lviv.
“ Gorytsvit” is known as one of the best ensembles in Ukraine. People love to visit its performances.

Gorytsvit- is a beautiful flower, that treats diseases of heart. Like a flower gorytsvit ensemble “ Gorytsvit” gives not only healthy life to people, but also presents Ukrainian culture, traditions and beauty of Ukrainian art to different people in Ukraine and all over the world.

Staff of the department

Artistic director and chief choreographer - Kolobych Maria
Choreographer - Ostafiychuk Natalia
Accompaniment - Kozatsky Victor
Costume Designer - Macelyukh Lyubov
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