Department of anesthesiology and intensive care FPGE


Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, 79010, Lviv, Chernihivska str., 7, ph. +38(032) 2368470; +38 (050)5379519; +38 (067) 7314938
Municipal City Clinical Emergency Hospital, Lviv, Mykolaichuka str., 9, ph. +38(032) 2587448
Lviv Regional Children Clinical Hospital «OCHMATDYT», Lviv, Lysenka str., 31, ph. +38(050) 9208395
Municipal 8th City Clinical Hospital, Lviv, Navrotskogo str., 23, ph. +38(067) 9759328
Municipal City Children Clinical Hospital, Lviv, P.Orlyka str, 4, ph. +38(067) 9219164
Municipal City Clinical Maternity Hospital №1, Lviv, Mechnikova str., 8, ph. +38(097) 9641402
Military medical clinical center 1120 of western region, Lviv, Chehova str.,12, ph. +38(097) 4579161
Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre, Lviv, Dzh. Vashynhtona str., 6, ph. +38(067)9007301
Branches of Department: Rivne, Lutsk.


Head of the department

Verbovsky Roman Mykhaylovych, MD, PhD, Associate professor, ph.+38(032) 2368470

Activities of the department

1. Subject «Anesthesiology and Intensive Care» and «Emergency medical care» for medical students;
2. Subject «Emergency medical care» and «Anesthesiology and Intensive Care» for dentistry faculty students;
3. Training of specialists in the field of «Anesthesiology and Intensive Care» and «Pediatric anesthesiology»;
4. Postgraduate education:
Pre-certification training courses «Anesthesiology and Intensive Care» and «Pediatric anesthesiology»;
Thematic improvement course «Anesthesiology and intensive care in Obstetrics»;
Thematic improvement course «Intensive therapy of sepsis»;
Thematic improvement course «Regional anesthesia»;
Thematic improvement course «Shock - clinical and pathophysiological aspects of intensive therapy»;
Thematic improvement course «Respiratory therapy»;
Thematic improvement course «Polytrauma»;
Thematic improvement course «Features of anesthesia for elective and urgent surgeries».

Staff of the department

Pidgirnyy Jaroslav Myhaylovych, MD, Dr. of Med. Sc., professor
Fesenko Volodymyr Serhiiovych, MD, Dr. of Med. Sc., professor
Fesenko Ulbolhan Abdulkhamitivna, MD, Dr. of Med. Sc., professor
Harbar Myroslava Orestivna, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Ivaniushko Olena Vasylivna, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Matolinets Nataliya Vasylivna, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Mischuk Volodymyr Rostyslavovych, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Filyk Olha Volodymyrivna, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Pavlenko Iryna Andriyivna, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Zakotyanskyy Oleh Petrovych, MD, PhD, Assistant
Svitlyk Yuliya Orestivna, MD, PhD, Assistant
Yayechnyk Oleh Romanovych, MD, PhD, Assistant
Filip Zhanna Volodymyrivna, MD, PhD, Assistant
Sadova-Chuba Zoriana Tarasivna, MD, PhD, Assistant
Vasyliv Marta Stepanivna, MD, Assistant
Ilchyshyn Olesya Yaroslavivna, MD, Assistant
Merza Romana Orestivna, MD, Assistant
Mrochko Yuriy Volodymyrovych, MD, Assistant
Kolupayev Oleksandr Vitaliyovych, MD, Assistant
Turkevych Ostap Markovych, MD, Assistant
Vyshynska Mariana Bohdanivna , Assistant
Solonynko Ihor Ivanovych, MD, Assistant
Lukasevych Ihor Moyseyevych, MD, Assistant
Mitiuriev Dmytro Serhiiovych, MD, Assistant
Piven Oleh Ivanovych, MD, Assistant
Baryliak Roman Volodymyrovych, MD, Assistant
Skurativskyi Yurii Yevhenovych, MD, Assistant
Mykhalchuk Svitlana Volodymyrivna, Senior laboratory worker;
Yartym Oleksandra Stepanivna, Senior laboratory worker;
Ozhyivska Tetyana Oleksandrivna, Laboratory worker;
Sliesarieva Halyna Yosypivna, Cleaning lady