Department of Dermatology, Venereology



79013 Lviv, st. Konovalets 1
tel. work +38 (032) 2385637


Head of the department

Orysya Syzon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Activities of the department


- subject “Dermatology, venereology” at the Department is studied by the 2nd, the 4th year Ukrainian and foreign students of medical faculty and faculty of dentistry;
- optional courses for students:”Cosmetology” – in the 2nd year, “Dermatooncology” – in the 6th year;
- the department also provides pre-attestation educational courses on specialities:
· “Dermatovenereology”
· “Pediatric Dermatovenereology”
· courses of specialization on “Dermatovenereology”, “ Pediatric Dermatovenereology” and internship on “Dermatovenereology”.
· the cycles of thematic improvement;
· “Management of Chronic Dermatoses”
· “Cosmetology”
· “Dermatooncology, dermatoscopy and dermatopathology”
· “Modern aspects of allergic skin diseases in children”.

Staff of the department

PhD, assoc. prof. Babak I.D., PhD, assoc. prof. Bilynska O. A., PhD, assoc. prof. Volbyn S.V., PhD, assoc. prof. Astsaturov H.Y., PhD, assoc. prof. Zaychenko Y.O., PhD, assoc. prof. Ivanyushko-Nazarko N.V., PhD, assoc. prof. Turkevych O.Y., PhD, assoc. prof. Voznyak I.Y., PhD, assoc. prof. Dashko M.O., PhD, assist. prof. Dasyuk T.Y.,  PhD, assist. prof. Chaplyk-Chyzho І.О., PhD, assist. prof. Rudnyk T.I., PhD, assist., prof. Protsak V.V., PhD, assist. prof. Diskovski I.S., PhD, assist. prof. Turkevych S.A., assist. prof. Fedorova U.V., clin.ord. Kalou M.C.,clin.ord. Saparov R.A., laboratory assistant Vrublevska H.I., laboratory assistant Kovalevych A.V.