Department of oral surgery and prosthetic dentistry


79010, Lviv, Pekarska St., 69a, Dental Medical Center of the Danish National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky;
79495, Lviv-Vynnyky, Ivasyuka St., 31, Lviv Regional Hospital for the Disabled of the War and Repressed by them. Yu Lypy;
79038, Lviv, Medovoi pechery St., 1, Dental Department of the 6th City Communal Polyclinic of Lviv named by U.Lypa
79032, Lviv, Pasichna St., 102, branch of the department of oral&maxillofacial surgery & prosthetic dentistry;
79002, Lviv, Dontsova St. 8/2, private company Bioimplantservice.


Head of the department

Vovk Yuriy, DMD, PhD, professor

Activities of the department

1.Surgical dentistry;
2.Orthopedic stomatology;
3.General dentistry

Staff of the department

Y.V. Vovk, DMD, PhD, professor, head of the department
I.M. Myhowych, PhD, associate professor, responsible for educational work
T.A. Palkov, PhD, associate professor, curator of the "Orthopedic dentistry" cycle
S.E. Leshchuk PhD, associate professor, curator of the "Orthopedic dentistry" cycle
Y.S. Leshchuk, PhD, associate professor, deputy dean for educational work
L.V. Dubrovna, PhD, associate professor
I.M. Uhliar, PhD, assistant professor, in charge of internship
A.G.Oliinyk, PhD, assistant professor, professional organizer of the department
M.Y. Pishkovtsi, PhD, assistant professor, responsible for scientific work of the department
A.V. Paliy, PhD, assistant professor, responsible for information technologies
O.Y.Komarytsya, assistant professor, responsible for medical work
S.T. Havrultsiv, assistant professor
M.M. Luka, assistant professor, responsible for responsible for safety engineering
H.O. Dutko, assistant professor
I.Y. Yarosh, .senior laboratory assistant
O.Y. Pankiv. laboratory assistant
I.E.Hachek. laboratory assistant
H.M. Hachek. laboratory assistant