Department of Management and Economy , Drug Technology and Pharmacoeconomics of Postgraduate Faculty


department_logo79010, Lviv, str.Pekarska, 69
ph +38 (032) 2768618


Head of the department

PROFESSOR ZALISKA OLHA MYKOLAYIVNA, DSci. (Pharm), PhD, Founder of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter - UCPOR, Head of UCPOR (2008-2016), ISPOR member, FIP member.
Training courses: Pharmacoeconomics (2001, France), Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment (2012, USA),  Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment (2015, Italy).

Activities of the department

Postgraduate training for pharmacists in pharmacy specialties "Organization and management of pharmacy", "General pharmacy" (duration of training 156 hours);
primary specialization (internship) for postgraduate pharmacists (duration of study - 624 hours) in the specialty of "General pharmacy";
specialization in the specialty of "Organization and management of pharmacy" for young pharmacists (312 years);
thematic improvements (duration of training 72 and 156 hours).
Educational disciplines: "Pharmaceutical informatics" (for the first time in Ukraine on the initiative of the department was introduced into the training programs for "Pharmacists-manager", "General Pharmacy”, discipline "Pharmacoeconomics" (for the first time in Ukraine on the initiative of the department was introduced into the training programs for " Pharmacists-manager " "General Pharmacy" since 1999, to the typical programs of the training "Organization and Management of Pharmacy", "General Pharmacy" since 2003).
The pharmaceutical legislation, pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical informatics, health technology assessment, pharmaceutical marketing, economic analysis of pharmacy work, biopharmaceutical, technological aspects and requirements for the manufacture of drugs in pharmacies, rational pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care at the release of medicines of different groups are provide.

Staff of the department

Professor, DSci. Slabyy Mikhailo Vasylyovych (personnel assistant of Rector );
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Yatskova Galyna Yuriyina (responsible for studing);
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Blavatska Oksana Boleslavivna, FIP member, ISPOR member;
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Boiko Andrii Igorovych, member of CoRSUM;
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Grinkiv Rinkiv Yaryna Orestivna, (responsible for internship), ISPOR member ;
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Kacheray Yulia Vasylivna, member of ISPOR;
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Maksimovych Nataliia Mykhaylivna, (secretary of department), ISPOR member;
Senior lecturer, Ph.D. Barchuk Olha Zinoviyivna (secretary of State internship commission);
Senior lecturer, Ph.D. Klymyshyna Svitlana Oleksandrovna;
Senior lecturer, Ph.D. Revyatskyy Ivan Yuriyovych (responsible for internship ), ISPOR member;
Assistant, Guz Viktoria Sergievna, member of ISPOR;
Assistant, Halushka Alla Ivanivna, acting General Director Lviv Regional Pharmaceutical Corporation;
Assistant, Zabolotnia Zoriana Orestivna, Head of the "Inter-hospital pharmacy №272" (Lviv), member of ISPOR;
Laboratory assistant, assistant Gavalko Roman Igorovych;
Laboratory assistant, assistant Matviychuk Maryana Evgeniyivna.
Laboratory assistant, Semenov Oleksandr Mykolaiovych, pharmacist highest category;
Laboratory assistant, Solovei Andrii Romanovych, member of ISPOR;