Department of Pediatrics №1


79010,Lviv,Pekarska str.,69.
ph/fax: +38 (032) 2917851

Clinical bases:Communal City Children's Clinical Hospital.Address:79059,Lviv,Pylypa Orlyka str.,4;
Department of pathology of premature newborn babies of Lviv regional clinical hospital and Department of intensive care of premature newborn babies.
Address:70010,Lviv,Chernihivska str.,5;
Communal institution of the Lviv regional council "Specialized children's medical center of Western Ukraine". Address:79035,Lviv,Dnisterska str.,27.


Head of the department

Nyankovskyy Serhiy Leonidovych-doctor of medical sciences, professor.

Activities of the department

"Pediatrics" for students of 4th, 5th, 6th years of study of the medical faculty № 1 (specialty "General medicine", speciality "Medical-preventive
  cause") and Ukrainian-speaking foreign students of the 4th, 5th, 6th years of study;
medical practice in the pediatric department of the hospital for the students of the 4th year of study of the medical faculty № 1
and Ukrainian-speaking foreign students;
-optional courses for students of the Medical faculty №1: "Actual questions of pediatric gastroenterology", "Actual questions of pediatric nephrology",
"Actual questions of neonatology", "Actual questions of pediatric cardiology".

Staff of the department

Vozniak A.V.-PhD,Assoc. Prof.,Deputy for academic affairs, responsible for the web-page of the Department;
Kuzminov Ju.B. - PhD,Assoc. Prof.,Deputy for clinical research ;
Yatsula M.S.- PhD, Assoc.Prof.,Deputy for the student scientific group ;
Pakulova-Trotskaya Ju.V. - PhD,Assist. Prof.,Deputy for clinical affairs;
Podolianskaya V.V.-PhD,Assist. Prof.,Deputy for educational work ;
Pasichnyk I.P.,- Assist. Prof.;
Plastunova O.B.,- Assist.Prof.;
Pushnyk A.I.-Assist.Prof,responsible for the Moodle Electronic Pretest System at the Medical Faculty № 1;
Furtak R.N.- Assist. Prof.,PhD-student;
Babik I.V.- PhD,Assist. Prof.;
Gorodylovska M.I.-Assist. Prof. in a part-time,PhD-student;
Sadova O.R.,- Assist. Prof. in a part-time,PhD-student;
Tutysa A.V.- PhD-student;
Zacharova V.M.- Senior laboratory assistant.