Department of therapy № 1 and medical diagnostics FPGE


Municipal Non-profit Enterprise "Lviv Clinical Emergency Care Hospital" (1st and 2nd Therapy Departments)
9 Mykolaichuka Str., Lviv 79059, Phone: +38 (032) 258 75 07

Municipal Non-profit Enterprise "Lviv 3rd City Clinical Hospital" (Therapy Department)
8 Rapoporta Str., Lviv 79016, Phone: +38 (032) 233 41 50

Municipal Non-profit Enterprise "Lviv 8th City Clinical Hospital" (Miocardial Infarction and Cardiology Departments)
23 Navrotskoho Str., Lviv 79034

Municipal Non-profit Enterprise "Lviv Regional Clinical Therapeutic and Diagnostic Сardiological Center" (Miocardial Infarction Department)
35 Kulparkivska Str., Lviv 79015, Phone: +38 (032) 298 61 94


Head of the department

Eugene Sklyarov, MD, PhD, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Activities of the department

Classes for interns with specialties:
"Internal Medicine"
"Family Medicine"
"Medicine of Emergency Conditions"

Classes for interns with related specialties:
"Emergency Conditions in Internal Medicine"

Cycles of specialization:

Residency cycles:
"Medicine of Emergency Conditions"

Cycles of thematic improvement:
"Selected Issues of Therapy"
"Clinical Pharmacology in Current Medical Practice"
"New Issues in Gastroenterology"
"Emergency Conditions in Internal Medicine"
"Basis of Palliative and Hospice Medicine"

Staff of the department

Valeriy Vdovychenko - MD, PhD, Professor
Mykola Bychkov - MD, PhD, Professor
Yuriy Fedorov - MD, PhD, Professor
Olha Bondarenko - MD, PhD, Professor
Borys Lemishko - MD, PhD, Professor
Mykhailo Perepelytsia - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Andriy Fainyk - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Bohdan Bodrevych - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Anna Demydova - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Oksana Verhun - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Lesia Terletska - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Yanina Denysiuk - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Halyna Kovalchuk - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Oksana Kapustynska - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Olha Barnett - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Khrystyna Kvit - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Olesia Bochar - MD, PhD, Assistant
Iryna Pasichna - MD, PhD, Assistant
Iryna Melnyk - MD, Assistant
Anna Chetaikina - MD, Assistant
Tetyana Maksymets - MD, Assistant
Daryna Kutsyk - MD, Assistant
Maryana Yakhnytska - MD, Assistant
Yaroslav Sverdan - MD, Senior Laboratory Assistant
Tetyana Loniak - Senior Laboratory Assistant
Emma Shchebyvovk - Senior Laboratory Assistant
Svitlana Paltova - Laboratory Assistant