Publishing House


Shimzerov st., 5a
Ph. (032) 275-31-98


Head of the department

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Activities of the department

The Printing House was created as a new structural unit in 2005. The unit is tasked with the editorial and publishing activities of the University, handles printing of educational and scientific literature that meets the state`s educational standards. The Printing House also publishes reference work as well as other types of literature aimed at facilitating the educational, research and medical processes.
Hundreds of text books, thousands of journals as well as countless other manuals, monographs, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers and other teaching materials were published over the years.
The Printing House is set up with modern printing equipment that is constantly kept up-to-date allowing for high quality work to be carried out in swift manner.
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Staff of the department

Жінчин Олег Григорович – senior specialist

Захарків Тарас Володимирович - senior specialist

Прокопович Андрій Борисович - senior specialist