Department of Communication and Promotion


Lviv, Pekarska street 69, phone : +38 (032) 260-11- 64


Head of the department

Mayor Lyudmyla - Honoured Journalist of Ukraine
Phone: +38 067 720 6666

Activities of the department

Direction of activities

The main tasks of the department are:

- ensuring the implementation of the state policy in the field of information activities and communications with the public within the competence of the University;

- creating a positive image of the University and communicating information to the public on its activities through existing information dissemination platforms: print and electronic media, internet portals, website and YouTube channel of the University;

- assistance to the structural units of the University in creating promotional materials on their activities, with further placement of information on the available resources - the website, on social networks and on the YouTube-channel of the University;

- development and implementation of communication activities aimed at highlighting, positioning and popularizing the University activities;

- communication with state authorities, public organizations, non-governmental associations in order to defend the interests of the University and report its leadership in situations that require it.

The employees of the department have the right to edit the materials sent by the representatives of the structural units before placing them on the official website of the University or on social networks

Staff of the department

Deputy Head of the department - Grynovets Adrianna
Videographer - Havryliuk Taisia
Chief editor - Roman Uriy