Department of Scientific and Medical Information


Lviv, street Sichovyh striltsev, 6
ph: +38 (032) 255-31-29


Head of the department

Fytkalo Anna Vasylivna

Activities of the department

formation and preservation of scientific and informational resources with the aim of their effective use in the processes of patent and information development as an accompaniment of all stages of implementation of research work (GDR);
the study of information needs and organizational and methodological work, which is associated with the use of scientific and information resources in the planning of dissertations;
Patent and informational work as part of research processes in accordance with the scientific themes of the University of Medicine: consultations on the creation and protection of intellectual property objects (inventions, useful models, racproposals, computer programs, etc.)
use of scientific communication tools, implementation of innovative measures, mastering of new scientific and information technologies and increase of scientific and information competence of scientists of honey university (course of lectures for postgraduate students and applicants);
advisory assistance in preparation of the basic means of scientific communication for the implementation of innovative technologies in medicine: preparation of information letters, methodological recommendations with the stamp of the Ministry of Health for further examination and printing at the Ukrainian Center for Scientific Medical Information and Patent and Licensing Work;
annual preparation of a list of scientific and practical events planned by the Danish National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky for inclusion in the Register of congresses, congresses, symposiums and scientific-practical conferences (up to 25 June of this year);
assistance in the implementation of scientific achievements in practice through the execution of the Application for inclusion in the list of scientific products intended for implementation of achievements in the Register of sectoral innovations;
indexation (UDC) of articles, titles of dissertation topics and subjects of search to them;
Participation in the annual reception of reports on research work of the departments (collection and analysis of the publishing activity of the departments).

Staff of the department

Yavorska O.Y.
Lifanova T.O.
Karachintseva M.Y.