Center for International Relations and Eurointegration of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky


Pekarska 69, 79010, Lviv, Ukraine


Head of the department

Professor Tetyana Nehrych, MD, PhD, ScD, head of Department of Neurology

Activities of the department

1. Establishment, development and support of the international activity of the University in medical, educational, scientific and clinical fields with foreign institutions.
2. Representation of the abroad interests of the University.
3. Close cooperation with educational and scientific departments of the University, student organizations, as well as within with other departments of the University.
4. Integration and coordination of activities in existing projects and programs such as Erasmus +, Orpheus, Horizon 2020, Tempus, RECOOP, etc.
5. Organizational activity for the searching of foreign partners, foreign sources of financing and investments.
6. Searching of new international educational and scientific grant programs, including international exchange programs.
7. Informing the structural subdivisions of the University, scientific-pedagogical workers and students of the University about international educational and scientific organizations, programs, funds, scholarships, grants, etc., as well as on the international activities of the University.
8. Assistance to structural subdivisions of the University in filing applications for participation in international grant programs and contests.
9. Coordination of activities related to the international cooperation agreements and memorandums, control over their execution.
10. The creation of list of international agreements, memorandums where the University is a part.
11. Registration of materials sent abroad for participation in student and other competitions, programs, control over their registration and execution.
12. Accounting for grant applications, international agreements and projects carried out at the University.
13. Administration and monitoring of foreign grants received by structural subdivisions, scientific-pedagogical workers and students of the University.
14. Analysis of the effectiveness and prospects of the existing relations of the University with foreign partners.
15. Assessment of the necessity of carrying out certain international events helded at the University and their monitoring.
16. Involvement of foreign visiting lecturers (visiting professors) in participation in the educational and scientific processes of the University on the basis of the Regulations on visiting lecturers (visit-professors) of the University, as well as directing the University staff to other foreign healthcare and scientific institutions for conducting didactic-consultative or clinical activities as visiting lecturers (visiting professors).

Staff of the department

1. Andrii Lozynskyi, PhD, associate professor of Department of Pharmaceutical, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry;
2. Marta Kovalska, PhD, assistant professor of Department of Pathological Physiology;
3. Professor Andriy Zimenkovsky, PhD, ScD, head of Department of Healthcare management, pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacy;
4. Oksana Pyanikova, Legal counsel;
5. Vladimir Shibinsky, PhD, associate professor, head of Center of Dentistry;
6. Yuliya Nastyukha, PhD, associate professor of Department of Healthcare management, pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacy;
7. Kvitoslava Mazak, PhD, senior Research Scientist of Department of Epidemiology and Clinic Tuberculosis of Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene.